MBRACED CULTURE, LLC is structured to create educational processes, programming, management, and apparel that opens up platforms for ALL to reach their highest potential while learning what it means to embrace themselves and their surroundings.



The Story Behind It All

I remember growing up and having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to fit in. It was hard because I often did things I wasn't interested in, to fit in. I was raised, taught, and hung around adults during my early ages, which installed an idea of what was truly right and what was wrong. I was never the best at sports but I made the best out of it. Instead, I had a true passion for the performing arts as something just always sat with me after hearing music, watching someone put on a show and so much more related. From there on I knew that I was going to be different as art was not very exciting to many others my age.

I was always considered “different” because I hung with the people that kept me out of trouble and pushed me to do more good than bad. Yeah, I wanted to be that big athlete that brought fame but then again I didn’t want that kind of attention, just different. And because I was “different” I would hide my talents and not MBRACE the gifts I was given thinking that it didn’t match what others thought were cool. I remember I would do shows but no one knew about them. I would HATE when it would come up in conversations because I knew no one was interested. I was shy and a bit ashamed because of what I wanted to do and no one else my age had similar interests. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I started MBRACIN’ my talents and what I felt to be the thing for me. It was how I expressed myself and got away from the negativity out in the world because I was around much more of the positive things.

As I grew older, I began to realize that being different was fine, and in retrospect, not “just fine” but it was a great thing. It has opened doors that I would’ve never thought to be opened for a kid like me. As time went on I was doing shows, sharing more information about them, and just felt relieved because I began MBRACING my culture, myself, my talents, and what I truly loved. And with that, MBRACED Culture was created to let people from ALL walks of life know that something isn’t important to others until it is important and MBRACED by yourself.



Chief Officer & Founder | MBRACED CULTURE LLC